Beach Theme for weddings

Beach Rules signRecently the Beach Theme for weddings has been popping up all over the place.  I’ll take that as a sign to post about that again since it has been my most popular read theme on this blog.  The beach theme can be done in so many color palettes – from sandy colors, to blue sky colors to wood and water colors.  Find a color scheme that you like and start there.  What I get about the beach theme is that it is a simple and carefree look – a breath of fresh air, a destination that you would like to re-produce. Beach theme doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate.  It can be very simple and still be well done.  I always think of the beach them including a candle that is enclosed in a clear container (that way the candle doesn’t get blown out by the sea breeze) and of course shells and some kind of jute.  (Photos courtesy of Joss & Main).  Check out Pinterest for abundant ideas on beach theme weddings too.  There are lots of different feels for the beach theme you can use including Destination/ Island – Sandals – Tropical – Mariner – Nautical- Wind swept – boating/sailing – Sea Life – California Coast – West Coast – East Coast – Florida Coast, etc.  Whatever it is, make sure and incorporate the theme into your wedding invitations. Beach theme wedding candle white my wedding.comCordoba+CandleholderSeas the Day signMariner+Candle+Hurricane