Winter Blues got you down?

I was at the post office yesterday and overheard 2 gentleman talking.  One said to another ” I am ready for Winter to be over”.  I thought to myself, Winter just got started didn’t it? And yes, it did – started on December 21st, so we are only into it 23 days!  I will say that when winter hit, it hit hard but then it eased up quickly.  I am very thankful that I live in the Pacific Northwest where we do not have the extremes of floods, tornadoes, deep snow.

The winter rain that we have returns everything to green, which is beautiful, even though there are no leaves on the trees and shrubs.  That rain in turn puts water back into our reservoirs and lets plants bloom again.  I am no puddle jumper for sure, but I welcome the rain.  IF the winter blues get you down, just keep an eye out for the daffodils which are already popping up – a sure sign of Spring like weather! Spring Snow March 21 2012 011

Waiting for the paint to dry…

I painted on exterior of garage yesterday.  It was a beautiful day to paint.  I do not particularly like to paint, because of all of the set up and clean up, so when I do get at it, I try to make a day of it.  Then it rained.  What do you do when you are waiting for the paint to dry?   Me – I go to the next task on my list and wait for good weather to start painting  again.


Too Chilly outside…

ImageThe benefit Chili Feed and Silent Auction that was scheduled for Saturday, February 8th has been rescheduled for March 15th.  The snowy weather is shutting down most of the activities and events that were to take place this weekend.  The snow is to continue (up to 6 more inches) within the next day.  The benefit Chili Feed will consist of chili (2 kinds to sample), cornbread and cake for dessert along with coffee and/or punch. the silent auction will include local art, gift certificates, lots of other items.  There will also be a ‘cash and carry’ table filled with gently used items that you can purchase.  The cost will be $7 and will benefit Scroggins Mill.  If you are not familiar with this historical building, check out their website at: 

The best to you for the New Year 2014

Root Beer Happy New Year 2013 002As I contemplate the events for 2013, I wonder how on earth the time went by so fast! I look back at the past year and remind myself that I have hosted 6 events (including a family reunion), been a vendor at 3 other bridal shows, joined 2 business networks , purchased a house (and did some upgrades), help move parents, lost a parent, met a niece that has come into our lives, spent many happy moments with others during their weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby and bridal showers, parties and  reunions.  I  look forward to 2014 and make some personal goals which include being more health minded (cut down on the sugar, get on my bicycle once again).  Be better with paperwork, be a better business person and be a better friend.

  I follow a blog where one of the posts talks about being a better friend and neighbor.  The blogger talked about being so busy in her life and getting away from the ways of spontaneity – like dropping in to a friend’s house for the sake of a friendly visit. That happened to her when a friend stopped by unexpectedly for a  visit, and it was just what she needed, to enjoy a moment in a hectic schedule of life.

That goes hand in hand with sending a ‘thinking of you’ note or gift to someone, a check in call or a helping hand when it’s needed, but not expected. 

I would also like to remind all to think of  small businesses and be mindful of where and how you spend your money.  Is it really saving you money to drive out-of-town to a big box store to purchase one item rather than look for it at a local small business?  You would be surprised what you can find at your local small business.  Think Small Business and support locally!

With that, I look forward to 2014 and the adventures and new friends it will bring. Happy New Year to you, may it bring you Peace and Prosperity.

May Showers Bring May Flowers

The saying goes ‘April Showers bring May Flowers’, but our April was a hot one!  Things were actually drying out.  Because of the warm weather, many things   bloomed early.  Thank goodness I got the lawn fertilized before the rainy weather came back! The rain showers are a welcome sight as we really do need the rain.  Here are some pics of the back yard. May 2013 flowers and lawn 014 May 2013 flowers and lawn 005 May 2013 flowers and lawn 013

Little dogwood tree with large flowers

Little dogwood tree with large flowers

May 2013 flowers and lawn 004

Irises against the picket fence corner

Irises against the picket fence corner

Peach colored poppies in front of Fireworks Clematis

Peach colored poppies in front of Fireworks Clematis

May 2013 flowers and lawn 003 May 2013 flowers and lawn 005

Globe Allium along the fence

Globe Allium along the fence

Points for Profit opportunity

Points for Profit is a program which matches sponsor businesses with non-profit organizations.  The members of the non-profit organizations visit the sponsor businesses and purchase items.  They keep the receipts, then bring them to a PFP monthly meeting for ‘points’.  The idea is to have each non-profit group get as many people to save their receipts as possible and give them to the group. At the end of the year, all of the points are added up and cash prizes are given to each participating non-profit organization.

Since I am now a sponsor business, there is opportunity for folks to get ‘points’ for rentals from Santiam Place.

Another opportunity is to come to one of my events and purchase something from one of the vendors.  For instance, I will be giving 1 Million points to each person who purchases something at the Crafters Market and Home-Based Business Expo on April 6th or from the Flea Market on April 20th.  Find me and I will give you a points sheet when you show me what you have purchased.

A special gift for your Valentine

I found this great idea that you could make for your beloved.  Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, it would be a very special gift to create.  Check out the tutorial at 52 Reasons I Love You

Crafters Market & home-Based Business Expo

This Saturday, November 3rd from 9-4 pm is the Holiday Edition of the Crafters Market &* Home-Based Business Expo.  There will be a  variety of Crafters & Home-Based Business folks.  Come inside and shop in comfort for that special gift or something for yourself!  Some of the vendors are: Handmade crafts, birdhouses, DoTerra Essential Oils, Scentsy, crocheted crafts, baskets, gourmet food mixes, Cookie Lee Jewelry, Body Natural, Sta-Natural, Mason jar crafts, 2013 Entertainment Books, Paparazzi Jewelry, Cookie Lee Jewelry, Grace Adele and more! 

Flowers of June…

It is the month of June,

The month of leaves and roses

When pleasant sights salute the eyes,

And pleasant scents the noses.

        – N.P. Willis

Welcome Spring…

Well, yesterday was the first day of spring, and today we woke up to several inches of snow!  This weather is uncommon for this part of the state. We are in a ‘banana belt’ area which gets pretty mild weather. Of course the schools are closed today and many are without power.  There are lots of fallen limbs and trees around. It’s still snowing, so it’s a nice time to stay home and catch up on paperwork, cooking, etc.  I will definitely welcome Spring when it finally arrives!

P.S.  Now would be a good time to gather your clothes for the clothing swap at the Beta Sigma Phi event this Saturday from 1-4 at Santiam Place.