The best to you for the New Year 2014

Root Beer Happy New Year 2013 002As I contemplate the events for 2013, I wonder how on earth the time went by so fast! I look back at the past year and remind myself that I have hosted 6 events (including a family reunion), been a vendor at 3 other bridal shows, joined 2 business networks , purchased a house (and did some upgrades), help move parents, lost a parent, met a niece that has come into our lives, spent many happy moments with others during their weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby and bridal showers, parties and  reunions.  I  look forward to 2014 and make some personal goals which include being more health minded (cut down on the sugar, get on my bicycle once again).  Be better with paperwork, be a better business person and be a better friend.

  I follow a blog where one of the posts talks about being a better friend and neighbor.  The blogger talked about being so busy in her life and getting away from the ways of spontaneity – like dropping in to a friend’s house for the sake of a friendly visit. That happened to her when a friend stopped by unexpectedly for a  visit, and it was just what she needed, to enjoy a moment in a hectic schedule of life.

That goes hand in hand with sending a ‘thinking of you’ note or gift to someone, a check in call or a helping hand when it’s needed, but not expected. 

I would also like to remind all to think of  small businesses and be mindful of where and how you spend your money.  Is it really saving you money to drive out-of-town to a big box store to purchase one item rather than look for it at a local small business?  You would be surprised what you can find at your local small business.  Think Small Business and support locally!

With that, I look forward to 2014 and the adventures and new friends it will bring. Happy New Year to you, may it bring you Peace and Prosperity.

Dessert and Candy Buffets

Also known as candy bars or dessert bars, these tables full of goodies are becoming more popular for all types of events.  Not all people like cake, so it’s nice to offer an alternate dessert choice such as cookies, tarts, bars and fruit.  The kids (young and old) also love the Candy buffets.  Filled with sweets of all different sizes, shapes and colors.  When there is a dessert buffet set up for after a meal, I like to have it screened, then remove the screens surrounding it to show off the display of goodies – a sweet surprise, so to speak.  Make sure to have extra plates or bowls of goodies to re-stock from.

dessert bar with heart shaped tarts

dessert bar with heart shaped tarts

A great Roast Beef, mashed potatoes, salad, bread, green beans is topped off with rich desserts or luscious fruit

Strawberrians Dinner 12-3-13 018

Wedding and Party items for rent

Many of you don’t know that I rent tables, tablecloths, basic centerpieces and now wedding arches for off-site weddings or other events.  I also am available for day-of-event on-site coordination & help if you are in need of someone to lend a helping hand. My prices are very reasonable.  I will have some delivery available for an additional fee.  I have 6 foot folding resin tables and tablecloths in 7 different colors. At this time I do not have chairs for rent. So if you are in a pinch and need some help, give me a call @ 541-259-HALL.

Decorating for Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year with the slower pace, changing colors and nice weather!  It is late October and it is still in the70’s.  Great weather for getting out and working in the yard.  An upcoming party is to be decorated for fall, so got busy and got my decorations out.  I prefer the tablescapes to be simple and this is what I set up for fall.

Wear some Green for St. Patty’s Day!

 I wear a little green on my clothing for St. Patrick’s Day. I am not Irish, but have done this since I was a kid.  Just something fun to do. That got me thinking about what I can take to a potluck luncheon on St. Patrick’s Day.  I found these fun Rainbow cupcakes, which I am going to make (and take) to the potluck. While I was cruising through some blogs, I found another fun and Funny blogspot that features funny looking cakes including mis-spellings and  embellishments.  Here is an Irish saying for you – Have a wonderful day! …

The Irish

Be they Kings or Poets or


They are a people of great


They keep company with angels

and find heaven on earth –

A heartfelt wish on St. Patrick’s


May many blessings come your


May your joys be great

Your cares be few

And always may God be with you

More pretty cakes and DIY projects

quilled cake decorations from

I viewed some more fun websites.  I saw beautiful wedding cakes and some great ideas for cake toppers!  check out and visit anything that says Martha; that will take you to . When you get there, check out the cakes – fabulous!  I was amazed with the Dutch Golden Age, the Gilted Wedding Cake and the Confetti Wedding Cake. Great ideas for cake toppers too – from candy dishes to quilled decorations!

Retirement Party for Steve W.

Steve has retired from his insurance agent job.  Steve has his own DJ business, Dance the Nite Away! So he combined the 2 and had a fun party!  A fun party with lots of food, beverage, good music, friends and family. Lots of cute grandkids, nieces and nephews too!  Steve ended the evening with playing the popular YMCA song!  Many years ago Steve and some buddies performed the song in costume, then did a repeat at his birthday party a couple of years ago, so it was fitting that he ended this party with the same song – minus the friends in costume! Congratulations and Best Wishes for the future Steve!

Steve, Chris & grand daughters with photo booth props

Dancing to the YMCA song