Dessert and Candy Buffets

Also known as candy bars or dessert bars, these tables full of goodies are becoming more popular for all types of events.  Not all people like cake, so it’s nice to offer an alternate dessert choice such as cookies, tarts, bars and fruit.  The kids (young and old) also love the Candy buffets.  Filled with sweets of all different sizes, shapes and colors.  When there is a dessert buffet set up for after a meal, I like to have it screened, then remove the screens surrounding it to show off the display of goodies – a sweet surprise, so to speak.  Make sure to have extra plates or bowls of goodies to re-stock from.

dessert bar with heart shaped tarts

dessert bar with heart shaped tarts

A great Roast Beef, mashed potatoes, salad, bread, green beans is topped off with rich desserts or luscious fruit

Strawberrians Dinner 12-3-13 018

Family Reunion preparation

I will be hosting my own family’s Reunion this upcoming weekend.  I

Saunders Reunion T-shirt July 2013

got all of the t-shirts done (a service I can provide to class reunions, family reunions etc.) and looking forward to seeing  cousins that I have not seen for many years.  The family is mostly Pacific Northwest and West Coast people, but some will be coming from farther away (Alaska and New Mexico).  The weekend is loosely structured. I have put together a walking map of downtown Lebanon which has addresses of quaint shops and eateries.  There will be the usual chatting, eating, snacking, drinking cold beverages, lawn games with story telling too.  We will have a Silent Auction as well as a White Elephant exchange.  Also some sharing of plants and seeds.  Anything more than that will be welcomed! This is a test pilot for marketing for additional Class and Family Reunions. The weather will be warm, not as hot as the past week has been!

Lebanon High School Class of 1970 has a birthday party!

The class members of 1970 are all turning 60 years old this year, so they threw themselves a birthday party to celebrate together!  They had special tie-dye t-shirts made in Red and Blue school colors with their logo which they donned to walk in the Strawberry Festival Parade!  The party took place during Strawberry Festival time, when the town takes on a special festive feel.  There were over 60 guests that attended for the evening dinner party. A catered dinner, wine and beer, a DJ spinning great music, cupcakes for dessert (minus the birthday candle) and a group picture made for a nice evening to catch up with classmates.  A great job by the ‘reunion crew’ who put it all together!

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Welcome Merchen Family Reunion

Dan Merchen’s plan was to get his siblings together for a long overdue reunion came together this weekend. They traveled to Sunny Oregon from Virginia, California, Washington, Kansas, Oklahoma and Alaska!  Kids and grandkids came too.  The little kids had fun running in the grass and the big kids had fun playing Lasso Golf.  lots of food and beverage to savor, time to relax and catch up with one another, time for family photos as well as a storytelling time where they told stories and remembrances of one another.  Dan called this storytelling “big sisters lying about their brother”.  I am not so sure about that last statement!

4 generations at family reunion

Welcome LUHS Class of 1960

The class of 1960 held their 50th class reunion at Santiam Place on Friday and Saturday, August 6 and 7th, 2010.  Their ice breaker gathering on Friday evening drew about 65 guests.  The group enjoyed finger food, beverages, laughter and reminiscing.  On Saturday evening, the crowd of over 100 guests came back to enjoy a delicious catered dinner, catered by Valley Catering from Corvallis, OR. Everyone enjoyed the meal and the bar services provided. There was 50’s and 60’s music provided by a DJ and a ‘special guest’ arrived at 9 PM. Elvis was ‘in the house’ and serenaded some of the women and sang several songs.  A very nice memories/ memorabilia display was viewed in the chapel area inside the building.  It was 2 beautiful warm August evenings to catch up with old acquaintences and greet those that had not been to a class reunion in 50 years.  Great job to the planning committee who worked for 2 years putting eveerythi

Class Reunion photo

ng together!  Guests could also purchase a book of all of the classmate’s info, a copy of the group photo.  Everyone on Saturday received a tote bag with the Warrior logo on it.  the tote was filled with brochures of different things to do in Linn county, note pad, strawberry candy and a ‘Class of 1960’ ink pen.