A Celebration of Life

A Celebration of Life is a gathering of family and friends to remember the life and times of a loved one who has passed.  It is a time to remember good times and cherished moments of the one who was lost.

I have a fair amount of Celebrations of Life at the hall.  These are not really sad events.  There may be tears and sorrow, but it is a time of sharing good times, funny stories and cherished memories.  A gathering with food, family friends and fellowship helps us remember our loved one and provides a little closure.  You are sharing the memories with others.  When you express your feelings with others, it helps make you feel better.  Looking through all of those photo albums and remembering family trips is good for us to reflect upon our past and the adventures we have had!

Celebrations of Life can take place months or even a year after someone has passed away.  It might take a lot of time to coordinate family members to gather,  especially if someone is in the military and can’t get home right away.

 This type of gathering can take place at someone’s home, a camp site, a park, a restaurant, a church, an event hall or another cherished place, as long as it is a place where your friends can gather easily ( due to some folks having mobility restrictions). It doesn’t have to be elaborate.  Food should be present, (potluck, bbq, catered), a few kind words said, photos (albums, slideshow, framed pictures) and  anything else you would like to have included.

 Remember to take those pictures, they are so important!  It’s okay to keep a momento, a special card from the past.  It is a cherished moment remembered. Start making your own memories today!wall saying

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