Winter Blues got you down?

I was at the post office yesterday and overheard 2 gentleman talking.  One said to another ” I am ready for Winter to be over”.  I thought to myself, Winter just got started didn’t it? And yes, it did – started on December 21st, so we are only into it 23 days!  I will say that when winter hit, it hit hard but then it eased up quickly.  I am very thankful that I live in the Pacific Northwest where we do not have the extremes of floods, tornadoes, deep snow.

The winter rain that we have returns everything to green, which is beautiful, even though there are no leaves on the trees and shrubs.  That rain in turn puts water back into our reservoirs and lets plants bloom again.  I am no puddle jumper for sure, but I welcome the rain.  IF the winter blues get you down, just keep an eye out for the daffodils which are already popping up – a sure sign of Spring like weather! Spring Snow March 21 2012 011

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